Shave & Stuff is casual barber and tattoo VR simulator. Immerse yourself into the role of a barber and a tattoo master. Express your imagination, serve clients by matching their needs using tools at your disposal or just have raw creative fun! Become the master of the new look!

Want to make someone bald ? You got it!
Want to create a colourful punk hairstyle ? You got it!
Want to regrow hair from scratch ? That's right - You got it!

A variety of tools available:

  • trimmers for a fun trimmed look
  • razorblades for that nice close shave
  • lots of hair dye spray cans for a colorful experience
  • hair growers, because we believe in science
  • hairdryer for some dryness
  • comb for visual reasons
  • glasses for that extra look
  • tattoo stencils for fun and easy application
  • tattoo gun for artistic expression
  • tattoo cleaner tool for skin care
  • earrings for more personality
  • and more!


Gameplay  YouTube


download all screenshots as .zip (16.9MB)

On 15.02.2022, SIA Hyper Reality has entered into an agreement No. SKV-L-2022/76 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support within the project ‚ÄúPromotion of International Competitiveness‚ÄĚ co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.